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Arts, Humanities & Social Science

Build a solid foundation in life and study an arts, humanities & social sciences course

Interested in studying the world and how it works? Studying a course in this field will give you skills that can help you understand your place in it. You can also prepare for employment in a wide range of industries.

You can study our language systems and how they developed, history throughout the ages, how we communicate with the world around us, and the countless ways in which our community interacts.

Here are some of the subjects you can explore:

  • International Studies
  • Media and Journalism
  • Languages
  • History
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Philosophy

These subjects influence the heart of our society

These range of subjects make you reflect on your place in the world through art, communication, critical thinking and problem solving. By studying these courses, you will develop skills that will help you throughout your career and prepare you for life in the ‘real world’.

  • Study where we’ve come from and understand your place in the world with history, politics and international studies. You will be able to give voice to our past, critically analyse our society with a role in research or government, and possibly contribute to global governance.
  • Hone and develop your design skills and create award winning artworks, inspiring music or griping media, whether you choose to become an artist, musician, or work in advertising.
  • You could find yourself working in the community with social science or psychology, helping people solve real problems and improve their well-being as a social worker or psychologist.
  • Improve your language skills and you could travel the world, working as an interpreter or expand your horizons with skills that let you communicate without language barriers in business.

Learn how to think & communicate effectively by studying the arts, humanities and social sciences

Widen your horizons with a course that will set you up for an exciting global career.

  • Find the Right Course: Our experts can point you towards the best course for you, from languages or translation, to social work and journalism.
  • Apply to your choice of institution: We will submit your application along with the required documents to the institution of your choice.
  • We are with you all the way: Get support for your entire journey, from choosing your course, right through to graduation.
  • Study Overseas: No matter where you want to study, we can help find the optimal location and course for you, then help turn your dreams of studying abroad into a reality.

Study from a quality university in the world’s most liveable countries

Whether you want to study in Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland or New Zealand, we can help you get access to top courses so you can experience an exceptional industry-oriented curriculum while being taught by high quality educators. This will give you an opportunity to prepare for a global career, with first class networking and industry exposure.

Studying abroad is a great way to experience the world with a global education that could set you up for a successful life. All you need to do is apply with Studyintel!

We represent the best quality education institutions worldwide

With Studyintel, you can explore different paths to a fruitful future. We work with some of the world’s best universities, colleges and schools so that you can find the right fit for your education.

  • We make the whole process hassle-free – if you’re confused about where to start then talk with our counsellors and they will go through all your options.
  • Study at your own pace – we will help structure your enrolment to suit you and your lifestyle We can help you find the most trending courses in the international universities and institutes.

What do you need to secure a student visa?

Entry requirements for your course varies from country to country, but you can be rest assured knowing we will help you arrange everything.

For a student visa, you’ll usually need:

  • A valid passport for the duration of your study abroad
  • Offer letter from the selected university/institution
  • Meet the minimum English proficiency requirements, whether using the Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic), IELTS or TOEFL. A minimum entry score starts at 50 but can vary dramatically depending on the course or institution
  • Evidence of access to sufficient funds*
  • Evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover/Insurance which vary from country to country
  • All other relevant documents listed on the Immigration and Border Protection visa checklists of the chosen country
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